Whistling Kasing

Thread the string through the hole in the bamboo paddle. Take the end of the string and wrap the string in the long end of the kasing in a clockwise manner.  Give it a pull and the sound made by this little toy is reminiscent to the whistling of a Bamboo grove during a cool and windy day.

This toy is made almost entirely out of Bamboo; naturally seasoned and treated using traditional methods so its child safe.


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Whistling Kasing

It spins! It whistles! And it hops!  Truth be told, it’s hard to imagine a more basic toy than a top. In Dumaguete, where it’s called kasing, one need not look too far to see children (little, large and of every age) spinning their tops at home, in school, or in any other place you could name. Everyone derives excitement and fun from setting the tops in motion, then watching as they rotate and revolve this way and that.

Our bamboo tops are loving crafted and smoothly finished by an artisanal craftsman who resides in our local hill country. While a-spin, their design is such that they whistle and hum in a manner reminiscent of a bamboo grove on a windy day.

Wonderful traditional toys that these are, they evince steady dedication to craft, an enduring sense of childlike wonder, and not least of all, a working grasp of airflow and acoustics. They’re a must-have for the spirit of playfulness that lives in us all.

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