Subida Honey

  • Pure 100% raw honey
  • Made by wild honeybees of Negros Oriental
  • Collected by responsible honey gatherers
  • Tastes of lemon blossoms and fruits from sunny Negros Oriental
  • Lovely texture

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Subida Honey

Ah, the natural miracle that is Subida Honey, a Philippine souvenir shared by nature!   The bees who alone are the only ones who make this honey is a universal symbol of harmony, cooperation and industriousness. Use Subida’s Golden Honey as a sweetener for beverages, viands and baked foods. Subida Honey is certainly more flavorful and healthful than any form of factory-extracted sugar.  It is raw, pure and incapable of spoilage.

Our rural folk in Negros Oriental have a long tradition of hunting and honey gathering.  There is a process before we bottle the honey as a Philippine souvenir.  Subida buys wild honey through gatherers that we only personally know.   We share with them what we learn through documentations that we read about professional and responsible honey gatherers and occasionally join them during their harvest.  As a result, we get honey from gatherers who do almost very minimal harm to the bees.  We also encourage the gatherers to make sure to leave behind honey for the bees to feed the hive and for the sources of supply to remain viable. Finally, we bottle and label the honey to bridge this Philippine souvenir honeygoodness from the hive to your spoon.

Subida’s wild honey is mostly sourced from Valencia, the mountains of Siaton along the island’s spine or Guihulngan, Negros Oriental.


Subida Honey  |  Pure. Organic. Wild.


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