• Native Spoon and Fork (Set of 5)

    • Our dining utensils are patiently and loving formed with bamboo handles and coconut shell heads, then polished with virgin coconut oil to give them a gentle sheen that doubles as a way of protecting the utensils themselves


    600.00 550.00
  • Subida Face Mask Kit (Natural Color)

    The Subida Face Mask is a result of weeks of creative collaboration with local lauhala weavers with the intention of designing an innovative face mask with safety as priority.

    The Subida mask is made from tightly woven sun dried lauhala fibers coming from the pandanus plant that acts as the first layer of protection.   A pongee fabric is lined behind the mask that acts as a secondary filter.

    For those seeking an extra layer of protection a complete kit is available.  It consists of a Subida Face Mask,  a PM2.5 activated carbon filter is also provided in the kit version, resulting in superior performance.  A Subida special concoction of rosemary, peppermint and cypress antibacterial essential oil is also available in the kit version that is all neatly packed in a beautifully woven organic tikog pouch.

    Use a dab of the essential oil on your fingers or a small cloth and lightly wipe on the exterior of the mask for a scented experience.

    Sun dry the mask to sterilize.

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