Dumaguete and its Culture of Supporting Local Businesses

Some time in 2001, I went to Dumaguete to check on my sister. My Dad gave me the task of seeing what was taking her so long to graduate. To my surprise, it was not anything negative at all. It was simply that her life as a Silliman University co-ed was so vibrant and filled with purpose that I believe was the reason she decided to linger. With Jana under a rainbow There is something else that I found, it was [...]


The Modern Engines of the Philippine Economy

   Independence Day Special   We annually celebrate Independence Day to commemorate our liberty from Spanish rule since June 12, 1898.   For many of us this 2017 it is a welcoming extended holiday since it falls on a Monday.   While there are many reasons and heroes to celebrate today, this could also be a fitting time to celebrate Filipinos who are contributing to our economy silently in the background. Tubigon Woven Rafia Filipino craftsmen and micro-entrepreneurs slowly get their time in [...]

Welcome to Subida Souvenirs

Welcome to Subida Souvenirs!

Welcome to Subida Souvenirs! ​Hello, friend! If your search had one of our keywords, you are here now. If a friend told you about us, you are here now. If you just clicked that link, you are here now. And we’re so glad that you are. Welcome! You’ve arrived at Subida Souvenirs. ​Who and what are we? Physically, we’re a curio and souvenir shop in Valencia, Negros Oriental in the Philippines. Online, we’re a startup that aims to present and market [...]


Traditional Filipino Games are Alive in the Provinces

We were tireless, and we never felt any discomfort staying long hours under the burning sun.  Those golden summers of dreams: we’d run, hide, climb or swim the entire day.  Reluctantly heeding the frustrated voices of our mothers, we’d hurry home and eat a forgotten meal.  Growing up in the province in the 80s was never a chore. There was barely a fat kid around back then. We moved around with an agility and endurance that would test the daily exercise [...]

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