Specimen 012 – COUNTERPOINT

“No two will ever be the same.” Locally handcrafted necklace where each one is a work of art and no two are ever alike.    

Whimsical, contemporary and pendants that are individually handstrung in adjustable wax cords.  These are rustic and bold yet carefully crafted necklaces at a very affordable price.  They come in sliding knots that would adjust perfectly for men or women of all head sizes. 

Our SPECIMEN collection may contain wood, metal, resin, stones, marbles, bamboo, carabao horns, bones and unique beads.  Since they are individually handmade, each one is unique and has its own personality, please allow some scratches and rough marks.



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Specimen 012 – COUNTERPOINT – a two-pronged crescendo of stained beads and polished half-globes culminating in an exposition of free-sided tetragonal pendants.


No two Specimen will ever be the same.

Subida’s locally crafted necklaces are whimsical and contemporary, handstrung in adjustable wax cords whose sliding knots can fit all head sizes. Being individually handmade, they’re not always wholly free of scratches, notches or rough edges. However, we tend to think of these as contributing to, rather than taking away from, each piece’s innate character.

Our designs are at once rustic and bold, with each one a work of art. Again, no two are identical, or ever will be. Specimens can present any number of forms, rendered in a wide variety of materials. They might make use of wood, stone, metal, bamboo, resin or unique beads. On occasion, more distinctive components like shell, marble, bone or carabao horn may join the array.

These necklaces, brought together by our artists’ creative spirit, is offered at a very affordable price. Which gives one all the more reason to purchase a specimen. Or perhaps even start building a collection of one’s very own.

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