Miniature Ligiron

  • Scale model replica of  the King of Downhill Carts  – Ligiron
  • Made of bamboo
  • Handmade
  • Made in the Philippines


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  • Description


A great Philippine Souvenir is a Miniature Ligiron which is rough scale model of The Ligiron. Our craftsmen have painstakingly put this Philippine Souvenir item as close to the life size native mode of transportation as possible. This scale model Ligiron represents an earlier mode of transportation used by Filipinos.

This Philippine souvenir replica is made of bamboo, the same material used in the full-scale version. The Ligiron was most probably an attempt to create a scooter.  Its usefulness have captured the imagination of early Filipinos and has often served as a form of downhill transport for small cargo from the top of mountains or hills where produce were grown or products were made by hand.

Much of its old use have been replaced with more efficient forms of transport, however, these days, it enjoys resurgence as a localized form of a downhill extreme sport. The race is often dangerous where young men speed down hills and jump off ledges using these makeshift scooters. Because they don’t have pedals, a Ligiron race starts on top of a hill, the slope gives it momentum and the zigzagging roads add to the technicality of this purely Filipino form of extreme racing.

The wood or bamboo used in the vehicle are either bound with rubber from used tire inner tubes, fastened with nails and glue. As with the original, these little Philippine Souvenirs are also made the exact same way. Live the adventure with this Philippine souvenir; awaken the inner child in you and marvel at the fact of how a few pieces of bamboo can withstand the forces it’s subjected to in the down hill races. This Philippine Souvenir represents the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity of the Filipino people.



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