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Coral Mandarin by Angelo

Coral Mandarin is an original Philippine souvenir drawing by Dumaguete artist Angelo delos Santos.

Subida is proud to claim that the artworks of Angelo are a popular Philippine souvenir among the diving community. Utilizing pen-and-ink on paper, he incorporates pointillist, stippling and hatching techniques to produce dazzling portrayals of various marine creatures.

Angelo’s drawings are replete with nature-inspired embellishments with an artistic imagination of something “unnaturally natural”.  He has a keen attention to detail that make his subjects spring to vibrant life, all while maintaining an aesthetic that is clean, uncluttered and most pleasing to the eye, a sure indicator of a resolutely focused creative energy.

His art derives subject matter and inspiration from the underwater scenery of Apo Island and nearshore bodies of water in Negros Oriental that are full of marine life making it a memorable Philippine Souvenir.

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