Bamboo Phone Amplifier

  • Handmade Made Eco Friendly Portable Bamboo Phone Amplifier

  • Amplify the Sound of your Mobile Cell Phone & Make your Music Sound great

  • Look Good & Go Green For the Love of Music

  • Proudly all natural – just plain bamboo, nothing else

  • Made by Jovencio Ba-ay



  • Description


Bamboo Phone Amplifier

The Bamboo Phone Amplifier is a desirable Philippine souvenir made by one of Subida’s home-based craftsmen.

Have you ever brought your smartphone or other handheld gadget to a gathering, loaded with your favorite songs, only to bemoan the gadget’s inability to be heard clearly over the general buzz of the crowd? Now worries, now it’s no more hassle to connect gadgets to powerful loudspeakers resulting in mess of cables, adaptors and power cords. No more giving up music plans as a lost cause.

Subida Souvenirs has come up with a Bamboo Phone Amplifier, a solution to your musical travails that’s simplicity itself. Out of a fundamental understanding of acoustics, we were inspired to design it with a section of bamboo.  It is encompassing two adjacent nodes while carving out a central slot that can accommodate most handheld devices, and a carefully angled section cut at both ends. Simply start your playlist and insert your gadget into the center slot; natural acoustics will take over to amplify the volume of your music two times over.

Best of all, this Philippine souvenir is light and easy to carry, and requires no electricity at all! Subida’s Bamboo Phone Amplifier is an example of both environmental responsibility and sheer freewheeling inventiveness.

This item is made by Subida’s home-based craftsmen whom Subida has made a commitment to improve his sales and livelihood by being the conduit of his crafts to the whole world.


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