Bamboo Coin bank

  • Accommodates all Philippine coins
  • Turns into a beautiful flower pot or ikebana vase.
  • Carefully harvested and selected bamboo
  • Traditional non-chemical bamboo treatment
  • Polished and triple coated with mineral oil
  • Wrapped with special organic black fiber


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Bamboo Coin bank

The Subida Bamboo Coin bank is a clever Philippine souvenir by Subida’s in-house craftsmen. Every loose change adds up.  Use the Subida Bamboo Coin bank for an entire year.  Every day, put your loose change into this coin bank. Surprise yourself at how much you will save at the end of the year.

We use perfectly aged bamboo which undergoes traditional treatment to protect it from biological degrading organisms. We gave a special attention to detail for this coin bank to fit all Philippine coins.  The Bamboo Coin bank is polished and triple coated with mineral oil so it will be a long-lasting Philippine souvenir.  It is lassoed with a special organic black fiber to keep the bamboo from splitting and it also adds to the beauty of the craft when you “upcycle” it at the end of its coin bank life.

The best part of this Philippine souvenir is that it transforms into a beautiful bamboo flowerpot or ikebana vase.   This shows your desire for both environmental responsibility and creativity.  Pour in some garden soil and put a tiny houseplant or add pebbles and arrange your favorite flowers.

This item is made by Subida’s master craftsmen living in the hills of Mt. Talinis.     Watch the trans formation video from coin bank to flower pot here.  VIDEO

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